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Why you should get out of your own way and 3d skin analysis machine already.

3d skin analysis machine


SKIN ANALYZER EH-900U3d skin analysis machine

Alat canggih untuk menganalisa kulit anda, terdiri dari lima modul analisis yang tersedia untuk menganalisis perubahan Sebum kulit, Pigment, Collagen, Elastisitas, Pori, Jerawat, Sensitivitas, Moisture dan dilengkapi dengan Analisis Laporan yang bisa diprint serta database pelanggan yang tersimpan dengan rapi.
Hasil analisis bisa ditampilkan dalam bentuk 3 Dimensi, serta ada fasilitas setting Produk yang anda jual. Sehingga dapat mendongkrak penjualan produk kecantikan anda hingga 1000 %
Alat ini sangat cocok untuk Klinik Kecantikan / Skin Care, ahli kecantikan, salon, MLM kecantikan, dll.
Perlengkapan dalam Unit :

1 unit Mesin dengan kotak Elegan
1 buah Lensa
1 buah Kabel USB Konektor
1 buah CD Instalasi Aplikasi dan Software
1 Buah buku Panduan
1 Buah Flask Disk sebagai Kunci
1 Lembar Petunjuk acuan Kulit

Garansi 1 Tahun
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What is 3d skin analysis machine APP Sosftware?

What is 3d skin analysis machine APP Sosftware?

What’s New

1. Customer management function was added.
2. Analysis data exporting & importing function was added.
3. Sending each analysis data by email was added.
4. The language of the application is decided by the serial number of the device.
5. Customer information related page was added.
6. Few pages layout was improved.
App Description

Artistry Skin Analyzer application

This application has to be connected and used with Artistry Skin Analyzer which suggests the professionally customized solution that is supported by 8 kinds of accurate and systematic skin analysis.

1. This application includes the below functions.
A. Skin Analysis, Two Video files(Technology, Tutorial), View mode, Setting

2. 8 kinds of analysis parameters are as below.
A. Hydration, Sebum, Pore, Melanin, Elasticity, Trouble, Wrinkle, Sensitivity

How to use the 3d skin analysis machine?

How to use the 3d skin analysis machine?

Dior is one with technology. The Skin Analyzer is the latest technology from Dior to complete a quick and expert skin analysis.

This unique and revolutionary two-in-one device allows in one single step to analyze with accuracy various measurements of the skin as well as the skin’s tone.

It instantly measures 6 parameters to determine what your skin really needs to restore and re-balance itself:

Color balance
Gravity resistance

Then, it recommends specific skincare products to create your own made-to-measure routine.

It also finds out what foundation shade suits you best, together with an appropriate combination of blushes and lipsticks to enhance your beauty.

When your diagnosis is complete, our Beauty Consultants will be pleased to show you application techniques and backstage makeup tricks to arrive in style at your destination.

What is 3d skin analysis machine?

What is 3d skin analysis machine?
3d skin analysis machine Specification
Model No. K19
Color White and Champagne
Language English and Chinese
Resolution 5.0 Mega Pixles
Size 17*11.5*7 CM
Package size 20*22*8.8 CM
Net Weight 0.15 KG
Gross Weight 0.5 KG
Reports list

Moisture, Oil, Texture, Collagen fiber, Wrinkle, Pigment, Sensitive,

Pore + Comprehensive report
Support OS XP/Win7/Win8/Win10
OEM Available
Product Introduction

Skin analyzer offer 8 independent reports, each report give details explaination including skin problem and result to cause this issue, expert advise. Also there is a comprehensive report.
Expert advise can be modified easy to add beauty care products name on, after detecting, report and recommendation include skin care products picture will be display with report together. Can be saved. printed and send.

Advantage of the Skin health analyzer
1). Perfect customers manage system, remember all member information including test record
2). Allow cosmetics distributors input their products to recommend
3). 8 indenpendent report details analysis different skin problem
4). Report can be saved and sent, print available
5). 2 result in different time can be compared
6). Unique appearance you will see only from us. New product first time face market
7). One step install software, without after-sales trouble

Specification of the skin analyzer machine
1). Support windows XP/Win7/Win8/Win10
2). Can add products recomendation
3). Repory can be saved,printed and send
4). Regular customers manage system and compare funtion
5). We design abrasive make unique appearance

What is 3d skin analysis machine?

What is 3d skin analysis machine?

This On-The-Go Skin Diagnostic Tool is designed to perform eight types of skin test including – Hydration, Sebum, Pore, Pigmentation, Wrinkle, Elasticity, Sensitivity and Acne
• Ordering period: Back Order has been extended from 31st October, while stocks last.
• Targeted delivery: Back Order is limited and will be fulfilled in batches beginning mid-December 2017 onwards. Stocks will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
• This particular Back Order is only available to Platinums & Above. ABOs who wish to purchase can do so via their upline Platinums.
• The 3d skin analysis machine is not covered by the AMWAY Satisfaction Guarantee, but by a separate manufacturer’s warranty. Its warranty period is 12 months from the date of receiving stock.

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