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Why I’m no longer satisfied with skin analyzer and magnifier — and what I’m doing about it.

skin analyzer and magnifier

What is sam skin analyzer and magnifier?

What is sam skin analyzer and magnifier?

sam skin analyzer and magnifier is a skin analyzer mobile device that is used by cosmetic stores sales associates and estheticians to show customers a deep look into their skin and a real need for cosmetic skin care. Each device has an advanced camera and unique sensors that are utilized to easily capture photos of the customer’s skin.

The photo is then analyzed and amazing results and scores are presented. They show the customer how much a cosmetic treatment is really needed.

This UV intelligent skin health analyzer is a high-tech professional instrument that analyzes skin condition scientifically and objectively according to skin morphology theory. It can analyze the skin of users comprehensively by adopting integrated graphics and image analysis technology and optical principle to provide basis for skin beauty and treatment

skin analyzer and magnifier

skin analyzer and magnifier is what and how to use skin analyzer and magnifier?

skin analyzer and magnifier is what and how to use skin analyzer and magnifier?

A couple of months back, a capsule- like structure was underway at my second home, Bonifacio Global City; to my surprise, when it was finally done, it was a Pond’s Institute! Pond’s Institute is now in Manila! There are only about 4 or 5 Pond’s institutes around the world and the latest one is in Manila; the one here is a mini institute and focuses more on skin consultations; it’s not the science complex that you’re thinking of and I hope we’ll have that in the country soon. For now, let’s tour this latest offering to the public by Pond’s. This institute feels roomy and relaxing, thanks to the stark white background. The skin consultations are free, by the way, and you can come in anytime and with companions.

A Pond’s skin expert will be assigned to you upon entrance; you will be asked to log into their system to get some of your details like name, age, and gender; no, you won’t be asked too personal questions.

Next, your skin will be analyzed in one of the skin analyzers. Analysis won’t take long; after 5 minutes, your result will be printed out. My grades are looking good, except in the UV spots and spots department; I know, I know, I gotta work on those! On the bright side, my age says I have the skin of a 26.15 year old; my skin is 345 days younger than my actual age haha! Of course, the goal here is to improve my scores! After the analysis, the skin expert will recommend the right Pond’s products for your concerns and to help you improve or maintain your score. Of course you can try out the products! You can purchase the recommended Pond’s products for you right at the institute; you can also avail of exclusive discounts at the institute that you won’t get in any store outside here for a minimum transaction.

Pond’s Institute Philippines will stay until June 2016 at Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global city. Visit POND’S PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

skin analyzer and magnifier

What is skin analyzer and magnifier amway?

What is skin analyzer and magnifier amway?

The ARTISTRY® Skin Analyzer ASA-X30 is a lightweight, portable device that can be used to analyse your customer’s skin and help you provide a professional consultation, whilst making credible product recommendations. This tool supports the ARTISTRY Signature Solutions Program, to help you build a successful beauty business.

Professional consultation tool, exclusive to ARTISTRY
Analyses 8 different skin conditions
Compact, lightweight design allows for easy transport
Built-in product recommendations (or deactivate to provide your own)
Compatible with Android, iOS, Tablet, PC and Windows platforms. Minimum OS requirements apply, visit for more information.

The ARTISTRY® Skin Analyzer is lightweight, compact, portable and simple to use. It uses Wi-Fi video streaming to provide real-time moving images across Android, iOS, Tablet, PC and Windows platforms. Diverse optical technology allows you to analyse and recognise 8 different skin conditions quickly and easily including hydration, sebum, pore size, pigmentation, wrinkles, elasticity, sensitivity, and acne.An image is taken of your skin and compared to a database of 30,000 people. Refer to separate ARTISTRY Skin Analyzer manual and video for more information.

skin analyzer and magnifier

What is skin analyzer and magnifier?

What is skin analyzer and magnifier?
8.0 MP High Resolution Digital CCD USB Multifunction UV Hair Analyzer
Product Detail
Type Biochemical Analysis System, Iris analyzer
Brand Name YDLan
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
High resolution CCD sensor 8.0 Mega pixels
warranty 1 year
certification CE
Function Iriscope | Iridology Camera | Eye Camera
OEM support
Maximum resolution 2560×1920
item case 31*24*9 cm
Product Keywords 8.0 MP High Resolution Multifunction UV Skin and Hair Analyzer,High Quality Multifunction UV Skin and Hair Analyzer

The Iriscope is easy to operate. It is plugged directly into the computer and doesn’t require an electrical power supply. Light brightness and focus can be adjusted by using the switch on the handle.
The iris scope uses its own software which can save client information and photos as well as product recommendations. Analysis reports can be printed and photos are saved according to the date and time taken.
This machine will help the client know his health condition frankly ,including the problem which you have get in the former ,now and future .and the Iridology will be your health counselor, tell you how to keep away from the illness and sub-health.

* Nice appearance and innovative design
* LED illuminator around lens
* Imported lens with plated layer
* 8.0 Mega pixels high resolution CCD sensor
* Special DSP image processor, Optical Image Stabilizer
* Single capture button and digital pause capture.
* Adjustable focus to give clear image.
* Auto white balance and contrast adjustment, Color Temperature Filter
* Compatible with iris lens, hair lens.
* Deliver clear and accurate images.
* Easy to operate.
* OS: Windows XP, WIN2000, 2003, Vista, 8/10

* Instructions & Warranty X1pc
* Driver & Software CD X1pc

1. Main body X1pc
2. Handset X1pc
3. 30X Iris Lens X1pc
4. Aluminum Box X1pc
5. 1.5 Meter USB Line X1pc
6. Lens protective cover X1pc

Why you choice our iriscope?

1. Software easy to use, help you to command. Advanced auto iris analysis technology to provide the best help for beginners to learn.
2. Iris analysis system: international technology, unique functions.
3. Iris analysis system is a medicinal tool that checks the body conditions and prevents diseases from occurring.
4. We brought in the advanced iris analysis technology from Germany to lead people to discover sources of illness, and care the body health and spirit in anyways.
5. The instrument can show the body conditions of customers and suggest customers the suitable health food, and the plans to care their bodies.
6. iriscope machine can edit your product in the software and show on the you promotion healthy product.
Packaging & Shipping
item case :32*24*9 cm
Carton size:50*40 *30 cm
N.W: 14.0kg

Standard export carton packing.

skin analyzer and magnifier

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