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Why absolutely nothing is wrong with your nati analyzer skin diagnosis system.

nati analyzer skin diagnosis system

What is nati analyzer skin diagnosis system?

What is nati analyzer skin diagnosis system ?

SKIN ANALYZER EH-900U adalah alat teknologi terbaru yang menggunakan lensa pembesaran 50 MegaPixel untuk melihat kondisi kulit wajah. dengan software canggih yang akan memberikan analisa kondisi kulit secara lengkap. Keunggulan :Telah banyak digunakan oleh Klinik Kecantikan ModernTeknologi terbaru dengan mikroskop 50x yang dapat dilihat di komputerHasil analisis meliputi: sebum, pigment, collagen fibers, elasticity, pore acne, sensitivity, moisture dan analysis ( rangkuman )Dapat melihat kondisi kulit dalam bentuk 3 dimensiAge assessment ( apakah kulit yang diperiksa lebih tua dari umur sebenarnya), hal ini penting untuk mengetahui apakan kulit client perlu product anti aging atau anti penuaan dini.Dapat diisi advise dan produk anda yang direkomendasikan untuk treatment masalah kulit clientDapat menganalisa utk area wajah U atau THasil dapat di printkan untuk clientData base tentang client, termasuk pengingat hari ulang tahun clientMudah untuk mengoperasikannyaDapat digunakan dng computer windows XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 dengan ukuran monitor minimal spt notebook ( Netbook tidak bisa karena monitor kurang besar)Cocok untuk Klinik Kecantikan, Skin Care, Ahli Kecantikan, Salon, Distributor MLM Kecantikan, Branding Produk, Pameran Kecantikancatatan .

nati analyzer skin diagnosis system

nati analyzer skin diagnosis system

nati analyzer skin diagnosis system

1. It can test skin condition, including Moisture, oil & softness

2. The test has no side effect to the human body skin behind, also promote the horniness layer water circulate the function

3. Tested according to European international guidelines and standards

4. High accuracy 95%-100%

5. Highly sensitive probe

6.Uses the world-leading Bio-Sensor technology

7.It can help you aware of your current skin condition

8. Comes with Moisture Reference Guide for all seasons

9.Stylish and portable with compact pen-type design

10. Good for home, traveling, beauty salon and professional skin hospital

11.One touch operation, easy to use

12. Run by 2 regular AAA batteries

Parameter :

Moisture range: 0~99.9%

· Size: 131 x 27 x 24mm

· Weight: 40g

· Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA Battery

.Temperature: 5~40°C

.Relative Humidity: <70%

nati analyzer skin diagnosis system

What is nati analyzer skin diagnosis system?

What is nati analyzer skin diagnosis system?

As human beings, we all seek perfection, no wonder then that in terms of our appearance we continuously find something that can be changed for the better.

As far as our health goes, this is a very justified approach. There should not be any room for compromises. Do not forget that skin that is properly cared for is the foundation not only of great looks but also general wellbeing and health.

Become a better version of yourself.

How well are you really aware of the needs of your skin? Do you know what skin type you have? Do you keep it in mind when shopping for cosmetics, considering its qualities and special problems? Many women would probably hesitate to say “yes” to these questions. Experience shows that it is identifying the actual skin type tends to be most problematic, whereas without doing it properly, there is no way to determine its specific needs.

● Dry skin is characterized by low activity of sebaceous glands. It has matt appearance, peels easily, oftentimes looking scaly, while feeling uncomfortably tight and dry.

● Oily skin secretes excessive sebum, manifesting with shiny appearance, with enlarged pores, and produces comedones and other blemishes.

● Combination skin has a visible shiny T zone (involving the forehead, the nose, and the chin), and dry areas in the cheeks and the temples.

These three basic types, however, do not cover the full variety of skin problems. There are at least three other ones that are common:

● Skin prone to fragile, breaking, and distended capillaries, visible through paper-thin skin.

● Dehydrated skin, with compromised, weakened hydrolipid coat. As a result, most water is lost owing to inadequate barrier, rendering the skin looking visibly dry and dull.

● Sensitive skin, challenging in terms of skin care, prone to irritation, oftentimes visibly reddened and prone to producing acne lesions.

You can have a combination of these skin types, for instance dry and dehydrated skin, or dry skin and combination dehydrated skin, etc. To understand your skin and its needs, and select the right skin care products, it’s really best to have it analyzed and diagnosed with the aid of a computer, namely our specialist NATI Analyzer device.

With its help, 15 minutes are enough for you to know so much more:

The exam is painless, and takes only 15 minutes. Even the busiest, hardest working ladies out there can manage that much time in their weekly schedule. The analyzer examines the skin layer by layer. High resolution camera accurately registers the image of the surface of the skin, and views the hydrolipid coat. It collects and gives you information on the level of oiliness and naturally occurring skin exfoliation in every area separately. It registers the size of the pores and wrinkles, the capillaries, skin discolouration, and hydration level. Finally a report is provided with all the collected information in it, allowing to identify very accurately the skin’s needs and the necessary skin care routine.

Using cosmetics requires at least the basic knowledge concerning your skin’s condition. Every skin care product that is mismatched to its needs may do it harm, and leave it in a worse state than before, contrary to our best intentions. Computer-aided skin diagnosis is an individual encyclopedia of sorts that you can use to find information essential for proper skin care matched to your skin, not someone else’s.

nati analyzer skin diagnosis system

what is nati analyzer skin diagnosis system?

what is nati analyzer skin diagnosis system

Skin moisture analyzer is a portable device that uses Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) technology.
Skin moisture analyzer immediately and automatically detects skin conditions and displays the result on LCD screen as percentage numbers.
The best time to take a test is after you evening make up removal and drying the face.
After applying the night cream you may repeat the test and see how good your usual moisturizer works.

The skin analyzer reads an electrical resistance of your skin that will depend on the hydration. The dryer the skin, the higher the resistance. The skin full of moisture will have much lower resistance as water is excellent electricity conductor. The results on the same spot may vary, as they will depend on many factors – humidity, sweat glands activity, cosmetics, etc.

nati analyzer skin diagnosis system

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