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What Scientists Can Tell Us About skin analyzer singapore

skin analyzer singapore

skin analyzer singapore

skin analyzer singapore

1. It can test skin condition, including Moisture, oil & softness

2. The test has no side effect to the human body skin behind, also promote the horniness layer water circulate the function

3. Tested according to European international guidelines and standards

4. High accuracy 95%-100%

5. Highly sensitive probe

6.Uses the world-leading Bio-Sensor technology

7.It can help you aware of your current skin condition

8. Comes with Moisture Reference Guide for all seasons

9.Stylish and portable with compact pen-type design

10. Good for home, traveling, beauty salon and professional skin hospital

11.One touch operation, easy to use

12. Run by 2 regular AAA batteries

Parameter :

Moisture range: 0~99.9%

· Size: 131 x 27 x 24mm

· Weight: 40g

· Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA Battery

.Temperature: 5~40°C

.Relative Humidity: <70%

skin analyzer singapore

What is skin analyzer singapore?

What is skin analyzer singapore?

The exclusive Soft Plus Concept: never has skin health assessment brought you so many benefits
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The Soft Plus concept is the exclusive method which assesses the health and beauty of:

Skin (complexion and body)
hair and hair scalp

with 6 measurements for the skin, including unique tests such a pH and temperature, innovative micro-camera consultation programs including a 3D analysis of wrinkles and pigmentation mapping, and up to 20 consultation programs to cover all of your clients needs (from top to toe)
Soft Plus is the only completely stand alone system (PC Linux system). Gone are the days when instruments are to be connected to PCs to operate or store patient files.

With Soft Plus, results may be obtained in two ways:

Quick view rapid print-out tests:

biological skin age

or consultation programs which include:

Complexion health and beauty
Anti-ageing assessments
UV tolerance
Sensitive skin
Skin brightening
Pre-laser consultaion
Hands beauty
Hair Scalp Health
Cellulite and liquid retention screening
Acne consultation
Hair removal consultation

Together with the experts, the Soft Plus concept provides professionals unique benefits including enhanced services to clients, a powerful increase in repeat business of skincare items and treatments, fresh approaches to skincare and client communication.

skin analyzer singapore

What is sam skin analyzer singapore?

What is sam skin analyzer singapore?

Sam skin analyzer Machine Product Description

Skin Analyzer 2.0 software1 is the second generation multi-function skin analyzer, is based on the theory of skin morphology, the state of the skin to carry out scientific and objective analysis of high-tech professional equipment. This instrument through the unique optical principle, the use of integrated graphics, image analysis technology, the user’s skin to conduct a comprehensive analysis and interpretation, to provide a reliable basis for skin beauty, conditioning and treatment.

Sam skin analyzer Machine parameter

Working life

80,000 Hours



Champagne brown red


sam skin analyzer singapore
USB interface

USB 2.0


Maximum resolution



1 years
Item Name

sam skin analyzer singapore


DC 12V-14V

21-50 PCS USD 300


1 Piece
Model Number




skin analyzer singapore

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