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what is skin analyzer

What is skin analyzer

Overview-High Voltage Pulsed Current (high voltage therapy) has been used in therapy for many years (machines have been available since the 1940’s), yet while in many countries it is highly popular, in other countries its use is minimal. It is sometimes called ‘Twin Peak Monophasic’ which is more like a description of the machine output, and some authors include it in the Microcurrent group on the basis that the average current flow is almost certainly in the microcurrent range. high voltage therapy will be used here as the preferred term for this modality.Essentially, this stimulation modality employs a monophasic pulsed current, the pulses being delivered in a doublet (hence the ‘twin peak’ term). Each pulse is of short duration (typically less than 200µs), but, as the name implies, at a high peak voltage (up to 500V, typically 150-500V). By virtue of the fact that each pulse is very short, the current flow through the tissue will average to a very low level – thus the links with microcurrent type therapies.There is an evidence base for its application in a range of clinical presentations, mainly relating to the stimulation of wound healing, pain relief and facilitated oedema resolution.Computer skin observed system, skincare cosmetic distributor analyzer K19,skin observed system publish in summer 2016, it is latest skin analyzer mainly for skincare cosmetic distributors. Can add their products recommendation, according to customers skin offer correct products recommendation, report can be printed and saved,8 report include moisture, oil, texture, wrinkle, pigment, sensitivity, collagen fiber, pore,Comprehensive report can be saved and printed,skincare cosmetic distributors can add their products recommendation,Only input one time skincare cosmetic information then one bottom share to other distributors,Touch screen capture picture, encryption key inset, without any hardware problem for further use.Software regularly upgrade and offer free upgrade to customersCOMPUTER SKIN


Skin moisture and oil balance, collagen fiber, sensitivity …. etc. Those issue are main reference of skin health. Skin observed system through 3 kinds of light to capture skin epidermis, skin dermis and UV lights can to get different skin situation picture, through analysis those picture give analysis report. >>Skin analyzer advantageTraditional skin analyzer in the market without member manage system, report can not save and print, it is very difficult to share information with customers. Besides, the software never do upgrade so hard to run on Win8/Win10, distributors do not have ways to share with other distributors.

skin analyzer Apliance

Cause many skincare cosmetic distributors hard to convince customers by word only so skin analyzer will be helpful marketing tool help them “convince” customers by their skin truth.Distributors can input their products on system, select the products feature. After customers testing skin by observed system, according to their skin specification, machine offer compatible products recommendation with report together.They will know what is their skin problem and which correct products will be help. Report can be saved and printed.

skin analyzer Operation

Connect with PC use by USB light, touch screen capture sample picture. One step to easy install software.Small size offer gift bag and gift box easy to carry out on your handbag.Tablet install windows system supported. During capture picture slip touch screen from right to left or on contrast.Input skincare products on system and select features, add customers group and customer information, after detecting products recommendation will be display with report together. Comprehensive report allow to save and print, easy to share with customers.Backup and restore function include members information and products iniformation, one step to share products information with other distributors. According to different customers feedback and our experience to develop this ski observed system.

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