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mobile skin analyzer msa lite

What is mobile skin analyzer msa lite?

What is mobile skin analyzer msa lite

mobile skin analyzer msa lite Features:

Adopt the latest Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology.
Detects your skin conditions, such as moisture, oil, softness.
Skin analyzer displays results on an LCD screen with convenient graphics.
Display results in several seconds.
Hand-held, easy to use.
Suitable for home or salon use.

mobile skin analyzer msa liteSpecifications:
Color: white + pink
Battery: 1 * CR2025 lithium battery(include)
Item size: 13.7 * 3.3 * 2cm
Item weight: 31g
Package size: 20.5 * 8.5 * 4cm
Package weight: 75g

mobile skin analyzer msa lite Package including:
1 * mobile skin analyzer msa lite
1 * CR2025 battery
1 * User Manual

mobile skin analyzer msa lite

mobile skin analyzer msa lite parameter software features

mobile skin analyzer msa lite parameter software features:

software can now detection: skin moisture and oil on the skin, texture, collagen fiber, wrinkles, depigmentation of the skin, (splash), skin allergies (red blood), pore size (black) and other eight indicators;

– operate a fool, just according to the software prompts the lens into the corresponding position, touch induction zone can complete the detection and epidermis, dermis, UV layer three mode software automatically switch to prevent human errors;

Magix detection results of comprehensive report and the report of the individual, each individual reports will, according to the results, and gives the analysis principle, forming reason, and puts forward the corresponding expert advice, home maintenance advice and professional care is recommended, and print output.

Interface design – fine, which makes the software easy to use, clear menu, convenient operation;

Strong customer file management, convenient to the customer group, add, modify, delete, search, and record the details of each assay;

Possess skin magnifying function, you can always see the skin of the epidermis, dermis and UV (UV is the abbreviation of UV, the lamp is mainly used to view the inflammation of hair follicles, blocking the pores, skin deposits);

L can through the background independent editor, enter the product, product details include: series, category, name, specifications, main function, composition, use method and a picture and the product or treatment scheme and the testing results of perfect binding. The original products are divided into male and female general, men’s special, ladies, more humane display products;

L can backup the data at any time, to avoid the loss of data. The data recovery is divided into two modes, which can be flexibly combined to detect data.

mobile skin analyzer msa lite

What is mobile skin analyzer msa lite?

What is mobile skin analyzer msa lite?

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mobile skin analyzer msa lite

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