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way skin analyzer is what?

What is way skin analyskin observed system 19zer?


Why iway skin analyzer’s Cult

An ingenious device crafted by dermatologists in the world’s ‘sk-innovation’ capital – South Korea – Wayskin’s Skin Analyzer lets you understand your skin like never before. Linked with a companion app, this tiny tool offers a myriad of benefits: it lets you measure and maintain hydration levels (both topically and internally), catalogue your results to build a personal skin profile and chart the effectiveness of your skin care regime. By measuring ambient UV levels and humidity, the device also allows you to adjust yo

way skin analyzer,skin analyzer

way skin analyzer Description

Meet the ingenious new way to understand your skin like never before: Wayskin’s Skin Analyzer. Paired with a companion app (available for iOS and Android mobile devices), you simply hold the device to your face and the data it accumulates will be stored in your personal skin profile. First and foremost, you can track your skin’s moisture levels topically and use hydrating products as required, while also gauging the success of your skin care regime by analysing different areas of your face. The clever device can monitor your water intake throughout the day, helping you to hydrate thoroughly inside as well as out. As well as this, the Wayskin tracks ambient UV levels and humidity (which can wreak havoc with your cells), so that you can adjust which products you use throughout the day and protect your skin whenever it’s at risk of damage. With useful solutions and personalised skin care tips planned around your period cycle, this perfectly portable device will soon become an integral part of your skin regime – and its tiny, ‘lipstick’ size and black or white casing mean it will slot in effortlessly.

how to use skin analyzer machine

how to use skin analyzer machine

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How to use way skin analyzer

Begin by downloading the Wayskin app to your phone or mobile device.

When you’re ready to take a reading, press ‘Quick Skin Check’ on the app, and hold the device up to the face and wait for the LED to light up. The data will then be transmitted to the app, which will catalogue and store the reading in your personal profile.

This information can help you modify and adjust your skin care routine to find the best products that suit your current status at any given moment of the day.



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