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The Best Mistake I Ever Made in skin analyzer ponds

skin analyzer ponds

What is skin analyzer ponds?

What is skin analyzer ponds?

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skin analyzer ponds

What is skin analyzer ponds?

What is skin analyzer ponds?

This On-The-Go Skin Diagnostic Tool is designed to perform eight types of skin test including – Hydration, Sebum, Pore, Pigmentation, Wrinkle, Elasticity, Sensitivity and Acne
• Ordering period: Back Order has been extended from 31st October, while stocks last.
• Targeted delivery: Back Order is limited and will be fulfilled in batches beginning mid-December 2017 onwards. Stocks will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
• This particular Back Order is only available to Platinums & Above. ABOs who wish to purchase can do so via their upline Platinums.
• The skin analyzer ponds is not covered by the AMWAY Satisfaction Guarantee, but by a separate manufacturer’s warranty. Its warranty period is 12 months from the date of receiving stock.

skin analyzer ponds

skin analyzer ponds

skin analyzer ponds

Product Description

skin analyzer ponds 2.0 software1 is the second generation multi-function skin analyzer, is based on the theory of skin morphology, the state of the skin to carry out scientific and objective analysis of high-tech professional equipment. This instrument through the unique optical principle, the use of integrated graphics, image analysis technology, the user’s skin to conduct a comprehensive analysis and interpretation, to provide a reliable basis for skin beauty, conditioning and treatment.


Working life

80,000 Hours



Champagne brown red


Skin Analyzer
USB interface

USB 2.0


Maximum resolution



1 years
Item Name

Skin Analyzer


DC 12V-14V

21-50 PCS USD 300


1 Piece
Model Number




skin analyzer ponds

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