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The Bad Girls’/Boys’ Guide to skin analyzer harga

skin analyzer harga

What is skin analyzer harga?

What is skin analyzer harga?

The Skin Analyzer System own two special lighting systems (RGB +UV) and smart skin analyzer software that allows two images (before and after beauty care) can be compared side by side, which is very different visual effects to be felt. Once the Skin Analysis System emits visible RGB light and safe UV light to the skin, various chromophores in skin cells respond to the light differently send back remitted light. The reflected light is captured by the digital camera and analyzed by software for the light absorbed at various wavelengths, then the images created from computer analysis show the skin condition and future prediction.

Skin analyzer machine’s application:

1. Epidermal skin analysis like color of depth, property of skins and all kinds of skin problems.

2. Deep skin analysis:

A) Wrinkle analysis: Property, density, depth and cleaning ways.

B) Speckles analysis: Analyze depth area, sizes, density accurately and how to dispel of speckles.

C) Diagnose skin conditions such as quantity and intensity of pigment, pore,spot, wrinkle etc.

Features of skin analyzer machine:
1.10 Mega pixels with 4-time magnifier
2. Auto-focus;
3. Auto-analysis;
4. UV Voice system;
5.3: 4 Preview system;
6. Front slant window;
7. Support multi-languages;

skin analyzer harga

What is skin analyzer harga?

What is skin analyzer harga?

Key Specifications/Special Features:
Working principles:

The instrument is the latest high-precision skin tester of adopting bioelectrical impedance analysis

Under the condition of guaranteeing skin without any damage, it gives an exquisite skin care for you


Battery capacity: 230mAh

Weight: ≤60g

Working current: 2mA (maximum)


Moisturizing management: moisture is the primary element for skin beauty care

Skin whitening, sun protection, oil control and more are accomplished on the basis of moisturizing

Any season, age, skin problems, all can realize perfect status under the comfort and moisture of water

Oil control management: in order to protect the skin health, our body will secrete oil and grease to reach the skin surface through pores, thus forming a layer of sebum membrane to protect the skin far away from external factors such as dust, dirty air and more but excessive oil secretion will cause a series of skin problems

Skin care product management: different skin, need to choose suitable skin care product, the skin care product fitted for you is the best product


High-precision: water test error is within 1%

High-stability: test precision remain unchanged

Small and exquisite: size of a pen, can carry by most cosmetic bags

Simple operating: it’s only a simple operating of starting up test when using

Data comparison: can query the past 5 times test data, speaking with data

Green and environmental protection: battery service time is about 1-2 years

Using steps:

Pull down tester cover

Press power switch, start to test

Probe head perpendicular to test part, stick on skin, read data and images after hearing di di sound

Using spirituous soft cloth or tissue to wipe probe head after use and cover lid

Primary Competitive Advantages:

Brand-name Parts

Country of Origin

Experienced Staff

Form A

Green Product


International Approvals



Product Features

Product Performance

Prompt Delivery

Quality Approvals


Small Orders Accepted

Factory Price

OEM/ODM Orders

Main Export Markets:



Central/South America

Eastern Europe

Mid East/Africa

North America

Western Europe

skin analyzer harga

skin analyzer harga the 12 colour types

skin analyzer harga the 12 colour types

If you immediately recognized your own colouring in one of these four seasons: congrats! If not, don’t worry. Unless your colouring clearly matches one of the two sides of each variable (i.e. is obviously light vs dark and warm vs cool), figuring out which type you are might require a little digging. Also: the closer you are to neutral in either of the variables, the less will your colour palette apply to you. If your neutral/warm colouring puts you in the Autumn category – but only just – you will suit different colours than someone who has deep, red hair and is immediately identifiable as an Autumn. For example, I have naturally light blonde hair, so I am definitely either a Summer or a Spring type. What’s my skin’s undertone? That questions is a little harder to answer. In general I would say I veer more towards the Spring side, because my skin and hair are not ashy, and when I blush my cheeks turn a peachy colour, rather than a bluey pink. Now…Carole Jackson says that all of us fit one colour season, and only one, but I have to disagree. Both variables lie on a clear continuum (light to dark and cool to warm). They are not two completely distinct groups, so treating the corresponding palettes as distinct makes little sense. The closer you are to neutral in either of the variables, the more likely it is that colours of the neighboring palette suit you just as well, and also that several of your own palette’s colours might not suit you.

This is where the updated Color Me Beautiful typology (based on 12 instead of 4 types) comes in. In order to a) accomodate for people whose colouring is close to neutral in either variable and b) to differentiate a bit better within the seasons, they added a secondary factor. This secondary factor depends on your colouring’s most defining quality: light, deep, clear, soft, warm or cool. Your secondary factor can help you further narrow down your own seasonal colour palette and also show you which neighboring palette might contain some shades that suit your colouring as well. If you veer between two seasons, it’s probably because they both share your most defining quality, e.g. if you have a deep overall colouring, you might find it hard to decide between Autumn and Winter. If you are interested in the whole colour typing idea and considering to adjust your wardrobe accordingly, I strongly recommend you figure out your secondary factor as well as your base season. It will just give you a much more accurate idea of which colours suit your individual complexion – if you are going to use any kind of typology, do it right. Here’s a run-down of the six secondary factors:

Light: You are either a light Summer or a light Spring. Your hair colour is light (blond or light brown), your skin is light for your ethnicitiy and your eyes are either a light blue, green or grey. You look best in the soft, light and muted shades of your colour palette, e.g. peach (Spring) or a pale lavender (Summer).

Deep: You are either a deep Autumn or a deep Winter. You have dark brown or black hair and deep brown, green or hazel eyes. You look amazing in the deep, vivid shades of your palette, e.g. deep terracotta (Autumn) or black (Winter). Warm: You are either a warm Spring or a warm Autumn. Your overall colouring has a distinctive warm undertone to it. Your hair is either golden blond to brown, or strawberry blond to deep auburn. Your eyes are green, topaz, hazel or light to medium brown. You best suit the mid-range colours in your palette that are neither too intense nor pale, e.g. a medium tomato red (Autumn) or a soft aquamarine (Spring).

Cool: You are either a cool Summer or a cool Winter. Regardless of whether you have light or dark skin/hair, your overall colouring has an underlying cool quality to it. Like the warm type, you also look best in the mid-range shades of your palette, e.g. emerald green (Winter) or periwinkle (Summer).

Clear: You are either a clear Winter or a clear Spring. Your overall colouring is high in contrast and saturation. Your hair is either a medium brown to black or a vivid, bright blond, your eyes are blue, bright green, topaz, amber or turquoise. You look best in saturated, clear colours, e.g. a bright, warm pink (Spring) or hot pink (Winter).

Soft: You are either a soft Summer or a soft Autumn. There is little contrast between your skin, hair and eyes and your overall colouring is relatively close to neutral. Your hair is neither very light nor very dark. Your eyes are green, grey-blue, hazel or brown. You look best in soft, muted shades, e.g. olive green (Autumn) or blue teal (Summer).

If you were wondering, the women in the pictures are examples of the light Spring, cool Summer, deep Autumn and clear Winter.

skin analyzer harga

What is skin analyzer harga?

What is skin analyzer harga?


As human beings, we all seek perfection, no wonder then that in terms of our appearance we continuously find something that can be changed for the better.

As far as our health goes, this is a very justified approach. There should not be any room for compromises. Do not forget that skin that is properly cared for is the foundation not only of great looks but also general wellbeing and health.

Become a better version of yourself.

How well are you really aware of the needs of your skin? Do you know what skin type you have? Do you keep it in mind when shopping for cosmetics, considering its qualities and special problems? Many women would probably hesitate to say “yes” to these questions. Experience shows that it is identifying the actual skin type tends to be most problematic, whereas without doing it properly, there is no way to determine its specific needs.

● Dry skin is characterized by low activity of sebaceous glands. It has matt appearance, peels easily, oftentimes looking scaly, while feeling uncomfortably tight and dry.

● Oily skin secretes excessive sebum, manifesting with shiny appearance, with enlarged pores, and produces comedones and other blemishes.

● Combination skin has a visible shiny T zone (involving the forehead, the nose, and the chin), and dry areas in the cheeks and the temples.

These three basic types, however, do not cover the full variety of skin problems. There are at least three other ones that are common:

● Skin prone to fragile, breaking, and distended capillaries, visible through paper-thin skin.

● Dehydrated skin, with compromised, weakened hydrolipid coat. As a result, most water is lost owing to inadequate barrier, rendering the skin looking visibly dry and dull.

● Sensitive skin, challenging in terms of skin care, prone to irritation, oftentimes visibly reddened and prone to producing acne lesions.

You can have a combination of these skin types, for instance dry and dehydrated skin, or dry skin and combination dehydrated skin, etc. To understand your skin and its needs, and select the right skin care products, it’s really best to have it analyzed and diagnosed with the aid of a computer, namely our specialist skin analyzer harga device.

With its help, 15 minutes are enough for you to know so much more:

The exam is painless, and takes only 15 minutes. Even the busiest, hardest working ladies out there can manage that much time in their weekly schedule. The analyzer examines the skin layer by layer. High resolution camera accurately registers the image of the surface of the skin, and views the hydrolipid coat. It collects and gives you information on the level of oiliness and naturally occurring skin exfoliation in every area separately. It registers the size of the pores and wrinkles, the capillaries, skin discolouration, and hydration level. Finally a report is provided with all the collected information in it, allowing to identify very accurately the skin’s needs and the necessary skin care routine.

Using cosmetics requires at least the basic knowledge concerning your skin’s condition. Every skin care product that is mismatched to its needs may do it harm, and leave it in a worse state than before, contrary to our best intentions. Computer-aided skin diagnosis is an individual encyclopedia of sorts that you can use to find information essential for proper skin care matched to your skin, not someone else’s.

skin analyzer harga

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