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skin analyzer

Specifications skin analyzer/beauty equipment
*5000000 pixels
*resolution up to 1600 * 1200
*CMOS import from United States
*connect USB interfa

Smart skin Analyzer/skin Tester/skin Analyzer Skin Scope:
multifunctional smart skin analyzer/beauty equipment ‘sHardware with unique beautiful design, imaging system,using CMOS imported from United States , 5000000 pixels, support the resolution up to 1600 * 1200 , good color reduction degree , high colour purity, unbiased color, and under domestic CMOS imaging system , is more clearly than that of ordinary instrument.

Based on optical principle, develop the polarized light function, based on intelligent skin analyzer function,it can not only test deep skin problems ,such as the skin base and skin surface, subcutaneous tissue, the dermis, further detect the sensitive skin (redness) and subcutaneous spot, pigmentation, hair follicle inflammation ,acne and so on, moreover, can clearly detect skin problems. Such as clogged pores, ultraviolet spots caused by ultraviolet, sunburn, and so on

Instruments detected “red dot” for clogged pores,, due to pore jams, pore can’t touch with the air, not breathing, it would cause skin problems , for example, acne.

Multi-functional intelligent skin analyzer/beauty equipment through the USB interface contact with the computer , take more pictures in time.Software have the features of observation and comparison from surface and bottom, and offers observation choice in a variety of images,it can be single, two, four tickets at the same time to observe and contrast, help you find out skin problems we can’t do daily so as to carry on the reasonable care and solution. Trough Software, images can be also saved for future possible reference, which will be convenient for nursing and the contrast before and after treatment

In the process of looking at the image, it can also at any time freeze frame and restore browsing through the key of the hardware equipment , practical and convenient. At the same time it can also realize taking photos functions through the key.

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Skin Analyser

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