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skin analyzer magnifier what why skin analyzer magnifier

skin analyzer magnifier

kin analyzer magnifier

kin analyzer magnifier

kin analyzer magnifier

kin analyzer magnifier

Beauty salon Tester is used to detect scalp hair follicles and skin health status, with professional testing software can help doctors or beautician, health care providers to observe the patient or home personal care to detect the scalp, hair, hair follicles, skin. The image of the observation is stored at the same time. skin analyzer magnifier Consumers can quickly understand their scalp, hair, hair follicles, the skin’s health condition, understanding scalp cleanness, skin moisture percentage, skin texture/wrinkle, oily/dry skin, sensitivity, acne, blackheads, smallpox printing, pigmentation, scalp erythema, fat secretion, pore clogging state, oily/dry hair, Hair growth, hair loss, white hair, damaged status and so on. The desire to look attractive is universal! skin analyzer magnifier Mankind’s pursuit of beauty will never cease! Based on the continuous needs of human beauty, this scalp hair detection instrument is mainly to detect skin and hair scalp, to prevent aging, good help in preventing aging, hair loss and beauty care, and making it easier for you to know your health.

skin analyzer magnifier machine

skin analyzer magnifier machine amway

skin analyzer magnifier manual

skin analyzer magnifierProduct Functions:

* Wireless WiFi connection Android and iOS system mobile phone/tablet, computer, a tester can connect 5 terminals at the same time, wireless connection distance of 10 meters to 30 meters.
* Sign up for customer information, email or direct dial phone function
* Can be photographed and stored
* Single – chart playback, 2-4 graph – point comparison
* Comparative analysis of Scalp Image Library Reference
* Intelligent analysis of skin moisture content, oil content, elasticity, pigment deposition dynamic picture
* Full-screen zoom function: click the video screen full screen, then click Reset.

skin analyzer magnifier Product show:
1. When charging LED lights are full of electric lights off, low power LED lights flashing.

2. Image Splitter (Long press 4 split and then Cure)
3. Photo and digital focus (light by photo and solidification and then press Cancel, long by digital zoom)
4. Base
5 Focusing shaft
6. Power Switch On-off
7. WiFi LED, light flashing machine started to work
8. Charging input port dc5v, please turn off the charge.

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