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skin analyzer machine amway

skin analyzer machine amway

What is skin analyzer machine amway?

Key Specifications/Special Features:
Working principles:

The instrument is the latest high-precision skin tester of adopting bioelectrical impedance analysis

Under the condition of guaranteeing skin without any damage, it gives an exquisite skin care for you


Battery capacity: 230mAh

Weight: ≤60g

Working current: 2mA (maximum)


Moisturizing management: moisture is the primary element for skin beauty care

Skin whitening, sun protection, oil control and more are accomplished on the basis of moisturizing

Any season, age, skin problems, all can realize perfect status under the comfort and moisture of water

Oil control management: in order to protect the skin health, our body will secrete oil and grease to reach the skin surface through pores, thus forming a layer of sebum membrane to protect the skin far away from external factors such as dust, dirty air and more but excessive oil secretion will cause a series of skin problems

Skin care product management: different skin, need to choose suitable skin care product, the skin care product fitted for you is the best product


High-precision: water test error is within 1%

High-stability: test precision remain unchanged

Small and exquisite: size of a pen, can carry by most cosmetic bags

Simple operating: it’s only a simple operating of starting up test when using

Data comparison: can query the past 5 times test data, speaking with data

Green and environmental protection: battery service time is about 1-2 years

Using steps:

Pull down tester cover

Press power switch, start to test

Probe head perpendicular to test part, stick on skin, read data and images after hearing di di sound

Using spirituous soft cloth or tissue to wipe probe head after use and cover lid

Primary Competitive Advantages:

Brand-name Parts

Country of Origin

Experienced Staff

Form A

Green Product


International Approvals



Product Features

Product Performance

Prompt Delivery

Quality Approvals


Small Orders Accepted

Factory Price

OEM/ODM Orders

Main Export Markets:



Central/South America

Eastern Europe

Mid East/Africa

North America

Western Europe

skin analyzer machine amway skin analyzer machine amway skin analyzer machine amway

What can do the MAIKON handheld skin analyzer machine amway?

1, You can choice analysis skin surface, Dermis,pores
2, UV analysis
3, skin images can be converted into 3D skin images, can be analyzed from arbitrary angles.
4, Sub-Page Result
5, skin report with excellent text and pictures present all test results to clients. you can save report or print report.


skin analyzer machine amway skin analyzer machine amway

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