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Skin Analyzer Korea Manufacturer

Skin Analyzer Korea Manufacturer

Skin Analyzer Korea Manufacturer

We are the Skin Analyzer Manufacturer,we D&R the skin analyzer,offer OEM/ODM,Offer software oem. we delivery to korea. if you need the Skin Analyzer Korea Manufacturer price ,please contact us.

skin analyzer korea manufacturer

Skin Analyzer Mode SK-8

What is Maikong skin analyzer machine?

Product Description
Skin Analyzer 2.0 software1 is the second generation of multi-functional skin analyzers, based on the theory of skin morphology. It is a high-tech professional equipment for scientific and objective analysis of the skin condition. The instrument through a unique optical principle, the use of integrated graphics, image analysis technology, the user’s skin for a comprehensive analysis and The interpretation provides a reliable basis for skin aesthetics, conditioning and treatment.

Compared to the first generation (currently available on the market), the new second generation device hardware is designed to be more convenient and compact. For the first time, the button-sensitive design is not used. The combination of technical sense and practicality. The software interface is simple and elegant. Powerful file management, perfect integration of test items and products, and available in multiple languages and various professional versions.

Hardware specifications.

Imaging system: micron (U.S. magnesium) 1/3.25-inch CMOS sensor, maximum 5 megapixels, high Color reproduction, high sensitivity, high image clarity, photorealistic images, fine textures, strong sense of depth.
2.Processing system: using Sonix (Taiwan Songhan) DSP processor, automatic white balance, saturation, contrast, processing. (b) A better image afterwards.
3.Maximum resolution: up to 2560 * 1920 (equivalent to 5 million pixels) through software expansion, the best imaging The resolution is 1024 * 768, 800 * 600.
4. Magnification: 50 times.
5. Working temperature: 10-40°C.
6. Working humidity: below 80%.
7. Power supply: USB 5V.
8.Interface: USB 2.0 interface, no driver, plug and play.

Skin Analyzer Korea Manufacturer

Software Features.

1. The software can detect: skin moisture, skin oil, texture, collagen fibers, wrinkles, skin pigmentation. (stains), skin irritation (redness), pore size (blackheads and acne), and other indicators.
2. Simplify the operation, just follow the software to put the lens in the appropriate position, touch the sensor area to complete the detection and automatic switching Three modes, skin, leather and UV layer, to prevent human error.
3.The test results are divided into a comprehensive report and a single report. Each report will give an analysis of the rationale, causes, corresponding expert recommendations, home maintenance recommendations and professional care based on the results. Recommendations and printouts.
4. Beautiful interface design makes the software easy to use, clear and easy to operate menus.
5. Powerful customer profile management, easy to group, add, modify, delete, find and record the details of each test.
6. With the skin magnifier function, you can check the epidermis, dermis and UV layer of the skin at any time (UV is the abbreviation of ultraviolet rays). This light is used to check for inflamed hair follicles, blocked pores, skin deposits, etc.). ;
7. You can edit and enter products in the background. Product details include: series, category, name, specifications, main features, ingredients, usage and pictures. The product or treatment is perfectly combined with test results. Original products divided into unisex, men, women and more user-friendly display products.
8. You can back up your data at any time to avoid data loss. Data recovery is divided into two modes: append or overwrite, and you can flexibly combine test data.

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Skin Analyzer Korea Manufacturer Skin Analyzer Korea Manufacturer

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