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skin analyzer by matis

What is skin analyzer by matis?

skin analyzer by matis

skin analyzer by matis is a UV skin analyzer by matis mobile device that is used by cosmetic stores sales associates and estheticians to show customers a deep look into their skin and a real need for cosmetic skin care. Each device has an advanced camera and unique sensors that are utilized to easily capture photos of the customer’s skin. The photo is then analyzed and amazing results and scores are presented. They show the customer how much a cosmetic treatment is really needed. camera digital skin moisture grease stain allergy capillary tester analyzer.

Compared with the first generation products (currently available on the market), the new second-generation instrument hardware design is more convenient and compact. For the first time, no button-sensitive design is used. The sense of technology and practicality are combined. The software interface is simple and generous. The file management function is powerful, the test project is perfectly combined with the product, and it is available in multiple languages and various professional versions.

skin analyzer by matis

skin analyzer magnifier machine

Hardware specification:

1. Imaging system: Micron (American magnesium) 1/3.25 inch CMOS sensor, up to 5 million pixels, high color reproduction, high sensitivity, high image clarity, vivid image, fine texture, strong sense of layering;
2. Processing system: With Sonix (Taiwan Songhan) DSP processor, automatic white balance, saturation, contrast, the processed image is more perfect;
3. Maximum resolution: through software extension up to 2560*1920 (equivalent to 5 million pixels), the best imaging resolution is 1024*768, 800*600;
4. Magnification: 50 times;
5. Working temperature: 10-40 °C;
6. Working humidity: 80% or less;
7. Power: USB 5V;
8. Interface: USB 2.0 interface, no driver required, plug and play.

Software features:

1. The software can currently detect: skin moisture, skin oil, texture, collagen fiber, wrinkle degree, skin pigmentation (stain), skin allergy (red blood), pore size (blackhead) and other indicators;
2. Simplify the operation, just press the software prompt to put the lens to the corresponding position, touch the sensing area to complete the detection, and the three modes of the skin, leather and UV layer automatically switch to prevent human error;
3. The test results are divided into a comprehensive report and a single report. Each individual report will be based on the results, give the analysis principle, cause reasons, propose corresponding expert advice, home maintenance advice and professional care advice, and print out;
4. Exquisite interface design makes the software easy to use, the menu is clear and easy to operate;
5. Powerful customer file management, convenient to group, add, modify, delete, find, and record detailed information of each test;
6. With a skin magnifying glass function, you can check the skin’s epidermis, dermis and UV layer at any time (UV is the abbreviation of ultraviolet light, this lamp is mainly used to check hair follicle inflammation, capillary pore blockage, skin deposits, etc.);
7. You can edit and input products through the background. The product details include: series, category, name, specifications, main functions, ingredients, usage methods and pictures. The products or treatments combined with the test results are perfectly combined. The original products are divided into unisex, men’s, women’s, and more humanized display products;
8. You can back up your data at any time to avoid losing data. Data recovery is divided into two modes: append or cover, which can flexibly combine test data.

skin analyzer by matis

Who Can Use skin analyzer by matis?

Doctors including family doctors
Hospitals and clinics
Educational institutions
Gyms, sports centers, and various recreational departments
Spas, beauty centers, and cosmetic facilities
Alternative health practitioners
Reiki practitioners

skin analyzer by matis



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