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NEW 1.3M Pixels Portable Digital USB-PC Hair Scope Analyzer

NEW 1.3M Pixels Portable Digital USB-PC Hair Scope Analyzer

1. This product has freezing function and allows you to clearly detect and analyze status of hair on screen.
2. Mega max COMS is adopted, providing clear images and able for focusing.
3. Standard Preparation: hair lens 200X, and  Management software. Optional purchasing lens: 600X, 50X Skin lens and 30X iris special lens.
4. Coaxial cold light source of surrounding lens is adopted by this product for light conduction, able for connecting with computer and adjusting image definition.
5. Attach one professional management software in free.

1)Handle(Resolution: 1,300,000 pixels)  X1pc
2)Handle Base    X1pc
3)200XP Hair Lens (Optional: 50X/600X Lens)    X1pc
4)Driver and Software.  X1pc
5)Hair Chart    X1pc
6)Instructions & Warranty   X1pc
7)Portable well-designed aluminum box   X1pc
8)Lens protective cover     X1pc

Warranty: one year

A、Main causes of hair damage — Most damaged hairs are caused by:
Excessive friction caused by combing or brushing
Excessive heat caused by blowers and curlers
Chemical reagents such as permanent solution and dyes
Exposure to ultraviolet rays in sun light
Environmental factors such as dryness and dust

B、Main causes of hair drop
Bad blood circulation around hair root
Lack of nourishment around hair root
Excessive sebum secretion
Excessive dryness around scalp
Abnormal (excessive) hormone secretion

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