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How to skin analyzer price Without skin analyzer price

skin analyzer price

What is skin analyzer price?

What is skin analyzer price?

Measuring rang: 10~99%
Measuring accuracy:±1%
Display resolution:1%
Operation environment:0-40℃/ ≤80%RH (50-104℉/ ≤70%RH)
Storage condition:-25-55℃/≤95%RH (-13-131℉/ ≤95%RH)
Power supply:AAA*2 3V

Main function:

Detecting effect of the cosmetics absorption
Accurately direct the skin care.

Test the moisture,oil and elastic of the skin

Product fluorescent agent detection

1 TEST 3 DATA – The skin oil, moisture and Elasticity condition will be shown on the LCD screen.
COSMETICS FLUORESCENT DETECTION – Built a fluorescent detection light on the end of the device which is a good tool to test the cosmetics fluorescent content which is harmful to health.
SMALL and FASHION DESIGN – Portable size to sure you can test your skin status anytime and anywhere.

skin analyzer price

What is uv light facial acne skin analyzer price?

What is uv light facial acne skin analyzer price?

The Skin Analyzer System own two special lighting systems (RGB +UV) and smart skin analyzer software that allows two images (before and after beauty care) can be compared side by side, which is very different visual effects to be felt. Once the Skin Analysis System emits visible RGB light and safe UV light to the skin, various chromophores in skin cells respond to the light differently send back remitted light. The reflected light is captured by the digital camera and analyzed by software for the light absorbed at various wavelengths, then the images created from computer analysis show the skin condition and future prediction.

Skin analyzer machine’s application:

1. Epidermal skin analysis like color of depth, property of skins and all kinds of skin problems.

2. Deep skin analysis:

A) Wrinkle analysis: Property, density, depth and cleaning ways.

B) Speckles analysis: Analyze depth area, sizes, density accurately and how to dispel of speckles.

C) Diagnose skin conditions such as quantity and intensity of pigment, pore,spot, wrinkle etc.

Features of skin analyzer machine:
1.10 Mega pixels with 4-time magnifier
2. Auto-focus;
3. Auto-analysis;
4. UV Voice system;
5.3: 4 Preview system;
6. Front slant window;
7. Support multi-languages;

skin analyzer price

What is skin analyzer price?

What is skin analyzer price ?


skin analyzer price
1.Highly sensitive probe
2.High accuracy
3.One touch operate
4.CE approved

What Features of Ourskin analyzer price?

1. Test skin condition, including Moisture, oil & softness
2. The test has no side effect to the human body skin behind, also promote the horniness layer water circulate the function
1, Tested according to European international guidelines and standards (CE Marking)
2, High accuracy
3, Highly sensitive probe
4, Uses the world-leading Bio-Sensor technology
5, Keeps you aware of your current skin condition
6, Comes with Moisture Reference Guide for all seasons
7, Stylish and portable with compact pen-type design
8, Good for home, traveling, beauty salon and professional skin hospital
9, One touch operation, easy to use
10, Run by 2 regular AAA batteries

skin analyzer price

skin analyzer price Main Features

skin analyzer price Main Features

* Nice appearance and innovative design

* LED illuminator around lens

* 2.0 Mega pixels high resolution Korea sensor

* Special DSP image processor, Optical Image Stabilizer

* Single capture button

* Adjustable focus to give clear image.

* Dual image compare function

* Deliver clear and accurate images.

* Easy to operate.

skin analyzer price

skin analyzer price is what and how to use skin analyzer price?

skin analyzer price is what and how to use skin analyzer price?

A couple of months back, a capsule- like structure was underway at my second home, Bonifacio Global City; to my surprise, when it was finally done, it was a Pond’s Institute! Pond’s Institute is now in Manila! There are only about 4 or 5 Pond’s institutes around the world and the latest one is in Manila; the one here is a mini institute and focuses more on skin consultations; it’s not the science complex that you’re thinking of and I hope we’ll have that in the country soon. For now, let’s tour this latest offering to the public by Pond’s. This institute feels roomy and relaxing, thanks to the stark white background. The skin consultations are free, by the way, and you can come in anytime and with companions.

A Pond’s skin expert will be assigned to you upon entrance; you will be asked to log into their system to get some of your details like name, age, and gender; no, you won’t be asked too personal questions.

Next, your skin will be analyzed in one of the skin analyzers. Analysis won’t take long; after 5 minutes, your result will be printed out. My grades are looking good, except in the UV spots and spots department; I know, I know, I gotta work on those! On the bright side, my age says I have the skin of a 26.15 year old; my skin is 345 days younger than my actual age haha! Of course, the goal here is to improve my scores! After the analysis, the skin expert will recommend the right Pond’s products for your concerns and to help you improve or maintain your score. Of course you can try out the products! You can purchase the recommended Pond’s products for you right at the institute; you can also avail of exclusive discounts at the institute that you won’t get in any store outside here for a minimum transaction.

Pond’s Institute Philippines will stay until June 2016 at Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global city. Visit POND’S PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

skin analyzer price

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