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How to skin analyzer adalah Without skin analyzer adalah

skin analyzer adalah

wat is skin analyzer adalah?

wat is skin analyzer adalah?

Skin Care New 5.0 MP HD USB 3D Skin Scope Diagnosis Analyzer Facial Skin Moisture Oil Acne Tester Meter Analysis Beauty Tools
EH900U features:
Surface analysis, in-depth analysis. High definition, good color reproduction, high color purity, no color cast with independent lighting equipment, do not rely on the use of external light, an objective analysis of the state of the skin. Accurately determine the distribution and pigmentation spots under the skin condition, precise positioning of skin allergies, redness.

skin analyzer adalah Use necessity skin tester:

1 scientific, objective and comprehensive analysis of the customer’s skin condition;
2 detects the naked eye can not see the problem;. Precise positioning, quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify potential skin problems. Given reasonable care programs and professional advice;
3 convincing customers to increase confidence and sales;
4 software expertise to solve the problem of cosmetology instructor training, etc.;
5 members have a special management area, improve management and efficiency;

skin analyzer adalah Hardware parameters:

Imaging Systems: South Korea imported CMOS chip;
Hardware: 500 million pixels;
Maximum resolution: 2560 * 1920;
Magnification: 50 times;
Operating temperature :10-40 degrees Celsius;
Humidity: 80% or less;
Power supply: USB 5V;
Exterior Material: Body: ABS; dust cover and base: high permeability Acrylic

skin analyzer adalah Software parameters:

Automatic analysis items: water, Pigment, Sensitive, 3D, complexion,Inflammation
Observation items: allergies, dark spots, redness, etc.;
Professional membership management module
Prompted instructions and comprehensive proposal;
A professional image contrast module;
Report is automatically saved and can be printed report

skin analyzer adalah Package included:

1 X Handle
1 X Host base
1 X 50XP Skin lens
1 X Skin Analysis Software CD
1 X Instructions
1X Skin control chart
1 X suitcase

skin analyzer adalah

skin analyzer adalah

skin analyzer adalah

Facial treatment is one of the important skin care. Not only because the face is a part of the body that is often seen, but because the facial skin is the most sensitive and not covered than the skin of other parts.

Facial Treatment 70% inner Beauty (lifestyle), 30% Outer Beauty (skincare)
Many facial careers are just outer beauty only, NO, the first facial skin care is from within the body, I can say the best facial skin care is from the body and lifestyle 70% and facial skin care to towards perfection 30% from the outside,
do not believe ? , as expensive as your skincare, you will not get perfectly luminous skin, if lack of sleep, stress, and eat fatty and oily food, your skin can be white, but not glowing and aura, then for meiliki perfect facial skin start care skin from inside with healthy food free of pollution and lifestyle berkeselarasan with nature
The effect of hormones on facial skin During adolescence, growth hormone production increases. In addition, the production of oil glands also increases. Facial skin becomes more sensitive and cause problems like acne. However, with age, the production of growth hormone and oil glands decreases. facial skin was so tend to dry and wrinkled. Therefore, facial skin care becomes a skin care that should take precedence, both for men and women. To stabilize hormones by using skin care, stabilize hormones with organic foods that can get rid of toxins, and improve the digestive system, liver, kidneys, and help the body organs in the best condition and stabilize hormonal computerization in our body.

skin analyzer adalah is a useful tool for measuring the levels of oil, water and cells on your facial skin. You can know your specific oil, water and skin cell levels that you can not see only with your glass. A tool that uses state-of-art-Bio-Impedance technology that can analyze your skin’s levels closely and accurately. In addition, this product is also useful for your skin care. Because in addition to accurately detect, this tool is also useful to provide moisture to your skin, and also remove dead skin cells. With its small shape is very easy to store and carry wherever you go. It is suitable for you who travel frequently.

Sun, aging, cigarettes and environmental factors can greatly affect the health of your skin. As a person who has a high life of cartas, you must often be in different situations. From air-conditioned room, to plunge into the field and move in the sun. This tool is very useful for you to keep your skin healthy. This tool analyzes the exact amount of water, oil and cells in your skin. So you can keep your skin healthy every day. And you can also keep an eye on your leather production performance. With this tool you can take care of your skin appropriately. And with this tool also you can know how to care for your skin according to the production levels of oil, water and your skin cells. This tool can provide you with great savings for you and your time.

With this tool you will get perfect skin care results. You will feel like you are doing treatments in beauty salons and professional spas. This tool is also very suitable for use by everyone who needs special care on the skin. Can be used for newborns and also diabetics.

How to Use
Remove the cover of this tool first and press the ON button on this tool. Then emphasize the tip of this tool on your skin on a defensive basis. Let this tool stick to your face until it is detected. Once the device has fully detected, there is a sound sign and the screen will show your water content, oil and skin cells accurately.

skin analyzer adalah

What is skin analyzer adalah?

What is skin analyzer adalah?

SKINCARE BRAND Pond’s now offers a way for people to know their skin with all the advice of a dermatologist, at zero cost, through a Pond’s Institute pop-up flagship store in Bonifacio High Street.

A GUEST tries out the skin analyzer at the opening of the Pond’s Institute pop-up store at Bonifacio High Street.
Open until June this year, the Pond’s Institute store will be offering the services of a by-appointment dermatologist and a skin analyzing machine. The machine analyzes skin type, skin tone, spots, skin age, and other factors, and its results will be analyzed by a team of product consultants who will then recommend a series of Pond’s products to build a skin regimen to treat the skin issues. (The products, unfortunately, won’t be available for free).

“It’s really about giving expert skincare advice, and democratizing beauty,” said Mian Datu-David, Unilever Philippines’ Marketing Director for Skin. “It’s not just for… [those]… who can afford… expensive beauty treatments.”

There are Pond’s Institutes around the globe, in Tokyo, Madrid, New York and Shanghai, but Ms. Datu-David says, “I don’t know if it’s a flagship store — it may or may not be a store; maybe they’re actual laboratories with the scientists,” she said, alluding to the Pond’s Institute being composed of a network of about 700 scientists, who concoct Pond’s Beauty Treatments.

During the pop-up’s opening, guests were taken through a virtual video tour with actress and Pond’s endorser Iza Calzado taking the lead. Other Pond’s endorsers, not all of them present, included actress Julia Barretto, Cheska Kramer, and Toni Gonzaga.

Pond’s was founded in the 1800s, and has relied increasingly on celebrities to promote its products — some of whom were members of Europe’s royal families, who would write requests for more of the cold cream that shot Pond’s to fame. “We like to… claim that the Philippines’ most beautiful faces use Pond’s,” said Ms. Datu-David.

skin analyzer adalah

What is skin analyzer adalah?

What is skin analyzer adalah?

The exclusive Soft Plus Concept: never has skin health assessment brought you so many benefits
soft-plus, skin, skin analysis, callegari, catellani, pores, ph, cellulite, hair, assessment, melanin, hydration, sebum, elasticity, cheratin, dandruff

The Soft Plus concept is the exclusive method which assesses the health and beauty of:

Skin (complexion and body)
hair and hair scalp

with 6 measurements for the skin, including unique tests such a pH and temperature, innovative micro-camera consultation programs including a 3D analysis of wrinkles and pigmentation mapping, and up to 20 consultation programs to cover all of your clients needs (from top to toe)
Soft Plus is the only completely stand alone system (PC Linux system). Gone are the days when instruments are to be connected to PCs to operate or store patient files.

With Soft Plus, results may be obtained in two ways:

Quick view rapid print-out tests:

biological skin age

or consultation programs which include:

Complexion health and beauty
Anti-ageing assessments
UV tolerance
Sensitive skin
Skin brightening
Pre-laser consultaion
Hands beauty
Hair Scalp Health
Cellulite and liquid retention screening
Acne consultation
Hair removal consultation

Together with the experts, the Soft Plus concept provides professionals unique benefits including enhanced services to clients, a powerful increase in repeat business of skincare items and treatments, fresh approaches to skincare and client communication.

skin analyzer adalah

What is skin analyzer adalah APP Sosftware?

What is skin analyzer adalah APP Sosftware?

What’s New

1. Customer management function was added.
2. Analysis data exporting & importing function was added.
3. Sending each analysis data by email was added.
4. The language of the application is decided by the serial number of the device.
5. Customer information related page was added.
6. Few pages layout was improved.
App Description

Artistry Skin Analyzer application

This application has to be connected and used with Artistry Skin Analyzer which suggests the professionally customized solution that is supported by 8 kinds of accurate and systematic skin analysis.

1. This application includes the below functions.
A. Skin Analysis, Two Video files(Technology, Tutorial), View mode, Setting

2. 8 kinds of analysis parameters are as below.
A. Hydration, Sebum, Pore, Melanin, Elasticity, Trouble, Wrinkle, Sensitivity

skin analyzer adalah

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