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harga skin analyzer what is it?

harga skin analyzer what is it?

harga skin analyzer

harga skin analyzer

Product Introduction

harga skin analyzer
harga alat skin analyzer


1) Parameters

a) Imaging System: USA 1/3.25 inch CMOS;

b) Hardware: 5 mega pixel;

c) Maximum Resolution: 1600*1200;

d) Magnification Factor: 50 times;

e) Operating Temperature: 10-40 °C;

f) Operating Humidity: Below 80%;

g) Power Supply: USB 5V;

2) External Material: Main Unit: ABS; Dust Proof Cover: Acryl.

3) Function

a) High definition, good color rendition, high color purity without color cast;

b) Function of Key: freeze/recover frame view and snapshot;

c) Skin surface detection;

d) Skin base layer detection;

e) Skin UV detection;

f) Free switch-over among three functions with keys;

g) Complete with dedicated lighting system independent of external light;

h) Indicator light available for indication of current function;

i) Provided with dust proof cover.

2. Software: Multifunction Skin Analysis System


a) Automatic analysis items: complexion, moisture, oil content, texture, wrinkle and pore;

b) observed items: allergy, pigment, macula, red blood streak and inflammation;

c) Specialized membership management column is available;

d) Hints, instructions and advice are available;

e) Specialized product management column is available;

f) Skin age, fineness index and health index are available;

Item No.: AYJ-J016
Item Name: UV Intelligent Skin Analyzer
Language English









1) Handle*1pcs
2) Lens * 1pcs
3) USB * 1pcs
4) Encryption locks * 1pcs
Packaging detail  outer paper carton..
Specification: a) Imaging System: USA 1/3.25 inch CMOS;

b) Hardware: 2 mega pixel;

c) Maximum Resolution: 1600*1200;

d) Magnification Factor: 50 times;

e) Operating Temperature: 10-40 °C;

f) Operating Humidity: Below 80%;

g) Power Supply: USB 5V;

2) External Material: Main Unit: ABS

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Skin Analyser

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