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Everything You Need to Know About skin analyzer and magnifier

skin analyzer and magnifier

What is sam skin analyzer and magnifier?

What is sam skin analyzer and magnifier?

Sam skin analyzer Machine Product Description

Skin Analyzer 2.0 software1 is the second generation multi-function skin analyzer, is based on the theory of skin morphology, the state of the skin to carry out scientific and objective analysis of high-tech professional equipment. This instrument through the unique optical principle, the use of integrated graphics, image analysis technology, the user’s skin to conduct a comprehensive analysis and interpretation, to provide a reliable basis for skin beauty, conditioning and treatment.

Sam skin analyzer Machine parameter

Working life

80,000 Hours



Champagne brown red


sam skin analyzer and magnifier
USB interface

USB 2.0


Maximum resolution



1 years
Item Name

sam skin analyzer and magnifier


DC 12V-14V

21-50 PCS USD 300


1 Piece
Model Number




skin analyzer and magnifier

what is skin analyzer and magnifier?

what is skin analyzer and magnifier?

skin analyzer and magnifier is taking skin analysis to the next level. What you can’t see will surprise you. Improve your skin’s appearance and health. Your face is a portrait of your personality. It’s the first thing people notice about you. Don’t you want to look as vibrant, healthy, and radiant as possible? It’s easy to take our face for granted… Every day it is exposed to the sun, smog, and other environmental damage that isn’t visible to the naked eye…yet. Would you like to take a closer look and really see your face? Introducing a Skin Analyser Magnifier Machine that helps identify your skin conditions.

Artistry – Skin Analyzer Magnifier

Part of your beauty regimen is periodically checking your skin to make sure you are maintaining healthy balance of hydration , exfoliation, sun protection, and anti-aging. Contact us today to schedule a Artistry session.

Using Artistry ‘s state-of-the-art science, technology and perfectly tailored skin care products, you and your skin care consultant will see your face in a whole different light. By illuminating the face in a special light, SAM may reveal what the naked eye can’t detect: fine lines, clogged pores, sun damage, dehydration, and more. Artistry ‘s dual observation site and magnifying mirror help both you and your skin care consultant discover problem areas just under the skin surface · Skin Analyzer Magnifier Machine · A sophisticated, mobile tool that uses a fluorescent black light with a magnifying mirror for analyzing the skin.

Artistry causes the skin to look fluorescent (resembling a photo negative) with various conditions of the skin appearing to radiate various colors Ready to take control? By understanding the factors that affect your skin and stepping in to make sensible changes in your habits and lifestyle, you can manage, and in some cases even defeat, some of your skin’s most determined enemies!

Skin Analysis-Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It is our outer covering, and is responsible for many functions, including the protection of our bodies from the outside world. However, it is not just a functional layer. Our skin appearance is important in conveying a healthy appearance, and is often a reflection of one’s health and age.

These are reasons why one should endeavor to improve the quality of their skin. Some people’s skin may be problematic at times, requiring specific treatments, whilst others have no problems, and simply wish to improve the quality of their skin.

1)Analysis of skin is the first step in improving one’s skin. There are various skin types, not all of which are problematic, but each can be improved on by matching the correct treatment/skin care to each skin type. We are specialize in skin analysis and can help you to determine what your skin type is, and how to best treat it.

2)Secondly, a skin history needs to be determined. A person’s current regime of skin care needs to be assessed to see if this is causing any problems with their skin. we recommend that sunscreen is used on a daily basis, regardless of the amount of sun exposure you receive.

3)Thirdly, your skin type needs to be assessed as each skin type will require a different type of treatment. Your skin type in conjunction with any problems present will determine the best course of treatment.

No two people are identical with their skin care needs or desires.

skin analyzer and magnifier

What is skin analyzer and magnifier Specifications

What is skin analyzer and magnifier Specifications

Image sensor 5M pixels
Lens High quality microscopic lens
Display 3 inches TFT panel,4:3 ratio
Magnification 20x-200x,up to 500x by digital
Still Image resolution 12M(4030×3024),9M,5M,3M,1.3M,VGA
Video capture resolution VGA,QVGA
Frame rate 30fps@VGA
Light source 8 LEDs with brightness adjustable
Power source (1) Li-ion 3.7V/1050mAh rechargeable battery
(2) Adaptor:Input:100-240V;Output:5V 1A
(3) USB
TV output To any monitor with TV-in
Storage Support Micro-SD card up to 32GB SDHC
(not included)
OSD Language English/Germany/French/Spanish/Italian/
Measurement By Micro Capture Pro Software
Window XP/Vista/7/8,Mac 10.7 and above)
Software Language English/Germany/French/Spanish
Dimension 130x103x29mm
Weight 195g(With battery)

skin analyzer and magnifier

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