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Defiderm skin analyzer device

What is défiderm?

defiderm skin analyzer device defiderm skin analyzer device
Défiderm is a revolutionary skincare assistant and smart skin condition analyzer. We combine biomedical engineering and electrical engineering to provide an innovative, safe, accurate and easy to use device for the home. By using défiderm, you will get to know your skin better and be able to better optimize your skincare routine.

What can défiderm do?
Immediate results
Professional level of accuracy
Accurately measure the condition of your skin

Analysis based on your personalized data
Monitor skin conditions
Keeping a record of how your skin changes over time

Personalized advice
Optimize your skin care routine
Helps you get to know your skin better
Recommended Skin Care Daily Ingredients

defiderm skin analyzer device

How do I set up my défiderm for the first time?
Before you start.

To set up défiderm, you need a smartphone or tablet.
On an Android device, make sure it is running Android 4.4 or later.
On an iOS device, make sure it is running iOS 9.2 or later.
On a smartphone or tablet, make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
Make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.
Make sure both devices are charged.
Set up your défiderm in 6 steps

Activate your défiderm
Open the charging port cover on the side of the défiderm, then insert the paper clip into the hole next to the Micro-USB port.
Recharge your défiderm
Before using the défiderm for the first time, fully charge it until the red light goes out.
Installing the défiderm application
Depending on your device, find the défiderm application in one of the following locations.
-Apple App Store for iOS devices
-Google Play Store for Android devices
Create your défiderm account
After installing the application, open it and follow the on-screen instructions. Then, the installation of the application is complete.
Open your défiderm.
-Remove the cover from the défiderm.
-Press the measurement button to open the défiderm.
-When your défiderm is open and ready to connect, the LED should flash blue.
Pairing a smartphone or tablet with a défiderm
-Make sure there is a flashing blue light on the défiderm.
-Then, you can continue the pairing process on the app.
-After pairing, the flashing blue light will change to a steady blue.
Once the setup is complete, you are ready to start the skin assessment.

defiderm skin analyzer device

How do I open my défiderm?
Open your défiderm.

Remove the lid from the défiderm.
Press the measurement button (located in the recessed area in the upper right corner of the device) to open the défiderm.
When your défiderm is turned on and ready to connect, the LED should flash blue.

How do I close my défiderm?
To turn off défiderm, you need to unpair défiderm with your mobile device.

Disconnection of equipment

Launch the “Recent apps” menu on your mobile device.
Find the défiderm application in the list.
Click and slide to close it.
After closing the défiderm app, your défiderm is no longer paired with a mobile device.
After unpairing, the steady blue light will change to a flashing blue. If the device is not reconnected to the mobile device after 90 seconds, the device will automatically enter standby mode.

How do I factory reset my défiderm?
If you have one of the following issues with your défiderm, you may need to perform a restore factory setting.

Your défiderm is charged, but cannot be turned on.
Your défiderm does not respond to the push of a button.
Your défiderm is not connected or paired with a mobile device.
After unpairing the défiderm with a mobile device, the défiderm does not turn off and the blue light remains on.
The défiderm is turned on, but the LED indicator on the black sensor does not light up after pressing the measurement button.
Reset instructions

Defiderm skin analyzer device

skin analyzer user manual

Open the charging port cover on the side of the défiderm.
Insert the paper clip into the hole next to the Micro-USB port.

How to clean the défiderm sensor head?
défiderm aims to provide you with an accurate skin assessment, so it is important to clean the défiderm sensor head regularly.

To clean the défiderm sensor head, follow these tips.

Apply a small amount of alcohol to a soft cloth and gently wipe the sensor head several times.
To dry, gently wipe off excess moisture with a dry, clean, non-abrasive cloth.
Always dry the sensor head well before putting the protective cap back into the défiderm.


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