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best skin analyzer device

What is MAIKON Best Skin Analyzer Device?

best skin analyzer device

*:: High definition, good colour reproduction and high colour purity without colour bias.
*:: Photo button function: freeze the frame and restore the image for viewing and photographing.
*:: Skin surface testing.
*:: Underdermal testing.
*:: Ultraviolet skin testing.
*:: The toggle button allows free switching between the three functions.
*:: Have their own lighting facilities and use them without relying on light from the outside environment.
*:: Indicators to indicate the current function.
*With dust cover.

best skin analyzer device

best skin analyzer device

skin analyzer by matis

What can the MAIKON Best Skin Analyzer Device do?

1, you can choose to analyze the skin surface, dermis, pores
2, UV analysis
3, skin images can be converted to 3D skin images, which can be analyzed from any angle.
4, Subpage results
5, The skin report presents all the test results to the client with excellent text and pictures. You can save reports or print them.

best skin analyzer device best skin analyzer device best skin analyzer device

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