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10 Mistakes Even the Pros Make In skin analyzer machine for sale

skin analyzer machine for sale

skin analyzer machine for sale Part I: Finding your Type

skin analyzer machine for sale Part I: Finding your Type

“I think you are a Summer!”, “I love pale blue, but I’m a deep Autumn, so I can’t wear it”, “Please help me: I’m a cool Summer and don’t know how to build my fall wardrobe”. Colour analysis and specifically the four-season typology has always been a prevalent topic here on INTO MIND, and a dedicated post has long been on my to-do list. Although I’m big on colour and all for creating a wardrobe around a defined colour palette, I have so far avoided the topic of colour analysis for one reason: I am not a huge fan of typologies that prescribe a type-based solution. I don’t want to tell you exactly what to wear or what items to put in your wardrobe, I’d rather just give you a formula for coming up with your own solution. BUT… while moving to Berlin, I rediscovered a copy of Carole Jackson’s classic “Color me Beautiful”, which came out in the 80s and was a huge hit at the time. I remember finding it in my mum’s book collection when I was about 14 and being super fascinated by it. I liked all the pretty colour palettes, sure. But more importantly, I loved how it emphasized the importance of figuring out what works for you and your life specifically, instead of following trends, and the idea of slowly building up a wardrobe around your individual style.

All in all, I do believe colour analysis can be an enourmously helpful tool for curators, because it forces you to consider the role of colour in your wardrobe and points you towards a palette that suits your own complexion and away from trends. However, I think a colour profile should be used as a guide, rather than a set of rules. Relying on your colours 100% might stifle your own creativity and prevent you from fully exploring your individual aesthetic preferences.

This week will be dedicated to colour, colour analysis, the 4 season colour theory and above all: tailoring your wardrobe to your own individual colour palette (whether it follows traditional colour theory or not). First up: Finding your colour type. “Color Me Beautiful” increased the number of types from 4 to 12 sometime in the 90s, which has improved the accuracy of the theory, but at the same time made it a littler trickier to find your own type. I’ll do my best to explain the basics in this post, but feel free to message/email me for assistance. The next post will then be a complete guide to your colour palette, for every sub-type. Then, at the end of the week or the beginning of the next, I’ll show you how to utilize what you have learned about your type to curate your wardrobe and tailor it to your individual colouring (plus: what to do if your colours don’t match your preferences/ style concept).

skin analyzer machine for sale

What is skin analyzer machine for sale?

What is skin analyzer machine for sale

skin analyzer machine for sale Features:

Adopt the latest Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology.
Detects your skin conditions, such as moisture, oil, softness.
Skin analyzer displays results on an LCD screen with convenient graphics.
Display results in several seconds.
Hand-held, easy to use.
Suitable for home or salon use.

skin analyzer machine for saleSpecifications:
Color: white + pink
Battery: 1 * CR2025 lithium battery(include)
Item size: 13.7 * 3.3 * 2cm
Item weight: 31g
Package size: 20.5 * 8.5 * 4cm
Package weight: 75g

skin analyzer machine for sale Package including:
1 * skin analyzer machine for sale
1 * CR2025 battery
1 * User Manual

skin analyzer machine for sale

skin analyzer machine for sale

skin analyzer machine for sale

Facial treatment is one of the important skin care. Not only because the face is a part of the body that is often seen, but because the facial skin is the most sensitive and not covered than the skin of other parts.

Facial Treatment 70% inner Beauty (lifestyle), 30% Outer Beauty (skincare)
Many facial careers are just outer beauty only, NO, the first facial skin care is from within the body, I can say the best facial skin care is from the body and lifestyle 70% and facial skin care to towards perfection 30% from the outside,
do not believe ? , as expensive as your skincare, you will not get perfectly luminous skin, if lack of sleep, stress, and eat fatty and oily food, your skin can be white, but not glowing and aura, then for meiliki perfect facial skin start care skin from inside with healthy food free of pollution and lifestyle berkeselarasan with nature
The effect of hormones on facial skin During adolescence, growth hormone production increases. In addition, the production of oil glands also increases. Facial skin becomes more sensitive and cause problems like acne. However, with age, the production of growth hormone and oil glands decreases. facial skin was so tend to dry and wrinkled. Therefore, facial skin care becomes a skin care that should take precedence, both for men and women. To stabilize hormones by using skin care, stabilize hormones with organic foods that can get rid of toxins, and improve the digestive system, liver, kidneys, and help the body organs in the best condition and stabilize hormonal computerization in our body.

skin analyzer machine for sale is a useful tool for measuring the levels of oil, water and cells on your facial skin. You can know your specific oil, water and skin cell levels that you can not see only with your glass. A tool that uses state-of-art-Bio-Impedance technology that can analyze your skin’s levels closely and accurately. In addition, this product is also useful for your skin care. Because in addition to accurately detect, this tool is also useful to provide moisture to your skin, and also remove dead skin cells. With its small shape is very easy to store and carry wherever you go. It is suitable for you who travel frequently.

Sun, aging, cigarettes and environmental factors can greatly affect the health of your skin. As a person who has a high life of cartas, you must often be in different situations. From air-conditioned room, to plunge into the field and move in the sun. This tool is very useful for you to keep your skin healthy. This tool analyzes the exact amount of water, oil and cells in your skin. So you can keep your skin healthy every day. And you can also keep an eye on your leather production performance. With this tool you can take care of your skin appropriately. And with this tool also you can know how to care for your skin according to the production levels of oil, water and your skin cells. This tool can provide you with great savings for you and your time.

With this tool you will get perfect skin care results. You will feel like you are doing treatments in beauty salons and professional spas. This tool is also very suitable for use by everyone who needs special care on the skin. Can be used for newborns and also diabetics.

How to Use
Remove the cover of this tool first and press the ON button on this tool. Then emphasize the tip of this tool on your skin on a defensive basis. Let this tool stick to your face until it is detected. Once the device has fully detected, there is a sound sign and the screen will show your water content, oil and skin cells accurately.

skin analyzer machine for sale

skin analyzer machine for sale Specifications

skin analyzer machine for sale Specifications

health skin analyzer
*Skin Mosit level display
*Skin Oil Level display
*Skin Roughness Level display

Product description
*Skin Mosit level display
*Skin Oil Level display
*Skin Roughness Level display
* % of Skin Water display
*9 Measurement recalls
*Audio signals to alert ready and done
* Material: ABS
*Color: White / Pink

Packaging & Shipping

1pc in a color box,

100pcs in a carton

ctn size: 50*28*33.5cm

N.W/G.W: 5.5/6.5kgs per carton


1. Display moisture content
2. Display oil content
3. Display softness level
4. Scientific instruction for retaining the moisture content of skin
5. Bioelectric impedance analysis technology
6. Digital LCD with back light, which is accurate and easy to read
7. Display results in 6 seconds
8. Refined appearance and easy to use

skin analyzer machine for sale

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